Recognizing the Reality of Energy

The urgent priority is to recognize what the reality of energy is. The energy of nature has consciousness and is alive. Through the experience of mindfulness and awareness in daily life, you can make this a reality.

As you are getting to understand the flow of energy deeply and clearly, you will be able to learn the effective movements of your body for healing others.

The word “Muwidongwon” which means martial arts & medicine, come from the same root…

If you could fully make energy your own ‘Self-Acquirement’ and put it to practical use through martial arts training, you will be able to to help the other person’s discomfort or pain with various capabilities, such as acupuncture, moxa, hand therapy and so on.

Accumulating higher human conscience and morality through proper martial training should be the purpose of modern martial arts in the 21st century.


🟠 In het paasweekend van 7 – 10 april organiseren we diverse workshops met Master Kim. Bekijk hier het complete programma: Dutch workshops 2023 – Happy Easter edition – Dutch Haedong Kumdo Association

🟠 Updates ontvangen? Dat kan!


Information on this page is an excerpt of the book Searching for the forgotten half of Martial Arts – volume 2 – and is published with courtesy of the author Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong. For orders of volume 1 & 2 you can reach us at info@haedongkumdo.nl

Photo from Kathy Sword, Haedong Kumdo Ireland

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