The key is practice with sincerity

One of most important things in life, is to do the best we possibly can, in everything we do. Knowledge is merely knowledge, many people spend much time to get it, after that, they may say, “I know it” or “Yes, that is right” but so often the knowledge they have, is useless for leading a fulfilling life and becoming at one with nature. 

When people can put it into practice humbly with sincerity and kindness also saying and doing everything as well as they possibly can, they will probably be able to approach a certain level & degree of awareness and begin to see a brighter and promising future for our social community and the global village. 

It is the very key for a successful life! 

Unlike in the past, diversification and structure of the training programs for martial arts practitioners to be well-trained in both body and mind will be demanded. For this to be achieved, we require teachers with the intellectual, spiritual knowledge and skills at the highest level. 

Regarding the above, it has been done for thousands of years in this planet by many people with great abilities and a great spiritual level. For my own part this is also what I wish for the modern martial art system named Haedong Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu. 

Many countries all over the world are now choosing to train Haedong Kumdo with one or double swords. I feel confident that the leaders of Haedong Kumdo in the martial arts world, know how to teach effectively and successfully for improvement both in mind and body. I believe that Haedong Kumdo is an excellent vehicle for all those interested in the development of mind, body and spirit providing they are prepared to put in the required effort. 


🟠 In het paasweekend van 7 – 10 april organiseren we diverse workshops met Master Kim. Bekijk hier het complete programma: Dutch workshops 2023 – Happy Easter edition – Dutch Haedong Kumdo Association

🟠 Updates ontvangen? Dat kan!


Information on this page is an excerpt of the book Think out of the Box – through the training of Haedong Kumdo – volume 1 – and is published with courtesy of the author Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong. For orders of volume 1 & 2 you can reach us at info@haedongkumdo.nl

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