What is Swords Dance? (Kummu, 검무)

How does the JSKR-Haedong Kumdo ‘Swords Dance’ reflect the ideals of Creativity & Harmony? Whether it be in training or day-to-day life, the concepts of Creativity & Harmony are of utmost importance. In order to fully benefit from Creativity & Harmony, we must first understand what it means to “think out of the box”. The Swords Dance is an important part …

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Terminology JINYOUNG (진영:眞英) a pen name and heavenly one for a founder of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu with United World Haedong Kumdo Federation. SSANGKUM (쌍검:雙檢) ssang (雙) means two or double, kum (檢) means sword. RYU (類) ryu means a school or type, system or style. Explanation JIN (眞) literally means Truth, constancy, naturalness, everlastingness, Heaven, paradise and also has …

JINYOUNG SSANGKUM RYU ( 진영쌍검류:眞英雙檢類 ) Lees verder »

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