What is Ki-Mu?


Ki ( 기, 氣 ) = Energy

Mu ( 무, 武 ) = Martial Arts

Ki-Mu ( 기무, 氣武 ) = Energy into the Martial Arts

武 = 戈 (weapon) + 止 (cease, protect)


Ki means energy as it’s known Energy is power and also It can be said it is Light. Love is power (strength) and energy for our life. So Love is based on human life and all things in the universe. It is also called by wavelength. Mu means Martial Arts. Love in the Martial Arts means Ki-Mu. Ki-Mu training have three kinds of steps:

  1. Relax, and Feel the energy
  2. Focus, and see it
  3. Realize and do it

Through Ki-Mu Training based on those three kinds of steps, as time is passing through training, we could get to understand what Energy is and where it moves, and sooner or later probably it can be seen and also even how to cure others with it. At this time, we will come to know what the truth is around us and we will be able to recognize many kinds of things in life which is connected with Universe such as:

  1. Body is not mine
  2. Energy is not mine
  3. Energy is Love in the nature
  4. All is interconnected in the universe anyway what we are doing is that we will have to come to realize it is eventually for better life in quality


Be Sincere, Be Kind, Help others, Do one’s best, Don’t get angry, Don’t be greedy, Don’t be foolish etc. in saying and doing, even thinking must definitely based on all training. Because these are for myself and for my better life, which will be made Happiness and Health etc. through think outside box.

After that, we could probably approach to a certain degree and level in both body and mind. According to person’s effort and passion, it will be definitely vary.

Nowadays many people in the martial arts are trying to show techniques and focusing on training fighting skills to be strong or to win. That is also right, but we should know first Martial Arts (무술,武術) is actually to train how to protect fighting and how to cease it. when we come to know an actual mean of martial arts, it can be explained that it is to protect or cease fighting.

What we are doing in the martial arts could be fighting skills itself. Through martial arts training, we should learn and practice how to protect or cease it by making our body be strong and healthy physically as well as understand and cultivate moral sense mentally.

So we could get to a certain level and degree in body and mind as we begin to know the truth around us in the nature. Eventually we could make our life be happy and be health for better life in quality through martial arts training. We also learn it through Ki-Mu Training.


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Information on this page is an excerpt of the book Think out of the Box – through the training of Haedong Kumdo – volume 1 – and is published with courtesy of the author Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong. For orders of volume 1 & 2 you can reach us at info@haedongkumdo.nl


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