Registration of Organization’s Name is not the Found of one Martial Art

Birth of Modern Martial Art

Today I am going to say something about the Found or Birth of One Martial art in modern times. There are many kinds of martial arts well-known like JUDO, TKD, HAPKIDO, HAEDONG KUMDO, KUNG DO or KUKGUNG(archery), and so on around the globe in modern times.  In Haedong Kumdo, there were more than 50 Haedong Kumdo Associations registered to the City authority under the government around 15~20 years ago, in the case of Hapkido, it was the same situation in Korea. But the martial art of Haedong Kumdo is only one item like Judo or Hapkido even if there are a few Haedong Kumdo associations at present. Recently I can see very few HK associations in action worldwide, only two, or maybe 3 HK associations, especially out of Korea. Others’ already disappeared even if they had complete and objective activities in the past in Korea, and still, there are some which only continue to exist in one dojang only with their world or international organization’s name. Over a couple of years covid-19, it helped them get away very sharply at high speed from general activities. 
Haedong Kumdo Organizations

Until now, Haedong Kumdo or Haidong Gumdo Haedong Gumdo called worldwide, which has the same meaning in Korean,
I would say that there are two main Haedong Kumdo organizations, one is Korea HK, and the other is WHGF many people already know well on the globe. Both HK organizations have the Sangsu Sword System, which means using a sword with both hands together; Ssang means two or double, and su means hand, but the main system of Korea HK is based on the Weisu Sword System, which means using a sword with a single hand; wei means single or one, su means hand, the other HG use mainly a sword with both hands together. 

United World Haedong Kumdo Federation 

Lastly, in the United World Haedong Kumdo Federation, we teach the Two Swords System based on Weisu & Ssangsu system, which is called Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu throughout the world, and as we know well, in martial arts training, before acquiring weaponry skills, we need to make our body ready and primed for action with the weapon. So, by necessity Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu has a Kimu training system, which also makes trainees get to understand Energy Flow; the Essence of the Healing System with Awareness and Mindfulness by the principle of Nature; Enlightenment for better training and better life, which will guide to the ultimate goal of human life.
So, it can be said for sure that Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo has the complete components of a Found of One Martial Art; Skills, Medicine, and Philosophy. It continues to develop and be innovative by all trainees together since it has been shown through 1st open seminar in Tulsa, USA in 2001.
ok, let’s get to the point,
If somebody who learned a very few parts of Haedong Kumdo and practiced cutting by himself or herself, and also mixed to pick up some part of other martial arts like archery or kicking, etc., and put it all pieces together, all of sudden, come up public after the registration of organization’s name he or she named, it never be able to be said as a found or birth of one martial art, which is nonsense.
But maybe, if, in some parts, he or she devoted themselves for years under the one created dojang with the organization’s name, it is only for himself or themselves. I mean, it is not a true birth of one martial art in general.
Commonly, people use the word of the founder, but it can be merely an organization’s name. How can we take it into the consideration in quality, abilities, capacities, or levels in martial arts? I can see some dojang that named the organization’s name often, hanging out the so-called name of the federation or association with only one of their dojang with a very few students. How dare can they do it? Any profit, or honor in martial arts?
Why I am saying this one which I do not feel good speaking out online is to inform the meaning of the Found or Birth of Martial Art, so that people may know more clearly about the birth of one martial art even if they already knew it well.
What if somebody can have excellent cutting or breaking skills,
what if somebody can have the best body movement in Kumbups or punching or kicking,
what if somebody can have the best abilities for fighting skills,
is it possible to create a true Found of One Martial Art?
With it, dissemination around the globe with such knowledge??
It takes a long long time to make it properly.
All depend on each individual who is training or looking for a teacher in martial arts.
The true birth of martial art in modern times is done only by one person’s unique character with a philosophy, ability, and capacity with all-out ceaseless endeavor by the Principle of Nature for decades long,  
Recently, I can see something making some arguments getting serious online about whose organization’s name and who the founder of a certain sword organization is, which is not Haedong Kumdo or Haidong Gumdo
Skills, Medicine, and Philosophy
– a precondition for the birth of one Martial Art.

I do not need to involve in that happening, but I would like to let trainees get to understand some more of the definition of martial arts’ birth, which must be based on Skills, Medicine, and Philosophy mentally and physically with body and mind, which were essential prerequisites for better martial arts training and through it, to get close to a better life as our ancestors had been done thousands of years ago in the past. If you could understand why I stress to say it as an essential precondition, you will get to know why Korean call Martial Art as Muye (무예, 武藝) from our ancestors.

I, as a teacher or a mentor around the globe, recently published one book, ” Searching for the Forgotten Half in Martial Arts” revealing first, finally in the 21C, the Forgotten Secret of Practice; Self-Acquirement, Self-Magnetization, which is to guide trainees and even untrained as a pathfinder, or lighthouse, or a compass to navigate in both better training and enjoyable life. That is the reason to disseminate  Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu HK throughout the world, which is my mission while living.
 I said it’s a secret because most people do not know it, but when you come to understand and perceive the reality or fundamental factor of the above essential precondition, it is very simple and plain.

Anyhow, although all things needed are equipped for a perfect martial art’s birth, its ceaseless research and development with sincere all-out efforts should be ongoing from generation to generation.

Well, under the name of one organization, what if your founder does not learn and teach more in your organization, and also what if a certain founder had never trained your martial art item under the name of your organization as a president, look at your founder once more, so-called Grandmaster, or President, and check it again for your top-notch training! 

Need to get Your Idea

What I have said above is only my thought from my experience. You may have your idea. People can also have some other kinds of thoughts. So I just want to share my thought with others worldwide, expecting they will be able to get their idea of what wrong is, who went wrong, how it will be ended, or which one best idea is in martial arts for training and so on.  
Have a good day, Kim!
February 22, 2023

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