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In anticipation of the upcoming event in Amsterdam, we have an exclusive promotion for you:

🟠 DHKA is giving away a brand new book “Searching for the forgotten half in Martial Arts” written by Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong!!!

🟠 This book will open your mind to subjects like breathing, energy, healing and meditation. It prepares and guides a new generation of warriors with a clear path to enlightenment, balance and a life filled with love through the art of Haedong Kumdo – Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu.

🟠 The book is currently valued at € 80. You can win this book for FREE. Here are the contest guidelines:

👉 Starting from Sunday, March 19th, until right before the event, we will be posting 3 questions
👉 All you need to do is answer the questions in the comments and tag your friends
👉 Only event participants who registered for at least one workshop can enter the contest
👉 DHKA Leadership team is excluded from the contest and cannot join this contest
👉 When there is not a clear winner based on the answers in the comments, we will also look at the social engagement through tags. You can participate on all three questions until April 5th.

One lucky winner will receive the signed book by Master Kim personally on Saturday, April 8th


Go to instagram and read the contest guidelines >>

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