The Principle of Instant-Healing of the Body based on the Understanding of Light Energy

1. Self-Acquirement (Self-Magnetization)

What I have been always emphasizing through martial arts training is to implant the Energy of Nature into the body to be Kimuche (Kimu Body); Self-Acquirement – Self-Magnetization, which has been being sought for something mysterious, or a hightest skill as a top-notch, or a profound concept in the name of so-called Practice, even now many are still trying to find it out for their Enlightenment from the beginning of human history.

We also can see sometimes some people turn to religion for Comfort or Enlightenment, or God they believe in their own way and level. Whatever we do, human life should be very realistic and down-to-earth, as we live in daily life, we need to be healthy and happy and also to do what we would like to, and to get what we need, and to achieve what I wish and so on while living. If we can have quite enough, we may give it to others and share it with those who want or need. That’s human life for sure. If there are more to find to get unrealistically, or mystically, or metaphysically which are not useful practically in life, all things may be able to give rise to let you be hard and be painful, and even get some diseases during lifetime because of your Ignorance and Greed definitely. 

The reason why I often mention religion is to show better and easier understanding for people about what I am going to illustrate by the Principle of Nature through Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Training. The below diagram may show it a bit easier and clearer. Achieving the basic for a Correct Practice is to stay there into the area of B below moment by moment anytime you need or want, not only once or twice’s experiences; Self-Acquirement, in other easier words, you may call it as Self-Magnetization because Energy should implant into the body called it Kimu-Body; Kimuche.  Why do you have to practice it? For well-to-do in life and better training in martial arts which should be able to get spirit grow with awareness and mindfulness as a tool.

Healing experience workshop in Deventer, The Netherlands
2. In my recent book, “Searching for the Forgotten Half in Martial Arts”, what is the Half? 

As you see the left diagram as a front view, it looks half – half between A area and B area, the Half in my book means B area to find out. I expressed like that in the subject of that book.

But when you see it the below diagram from above or in stereoscopic view, as a matter of fact, it is not the half, A area will be only 0.0~1% of B area.

3. Immediate – Healing by Light Energy

Those who got experienced Immediate-Healing, whose reaction to such phenomenons or happenings according to people show various actions and appearances. In fact, it is not modern medical science, even not oriental medicine, either.
It tries to show the fundamental essence of human life which is the Principle, Law and Truth of Nature never ever change since human history. Those who have been studying for Enlightenment try to learn it because there are some very similarities to be found and understood Immediate-Healing through Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu; Love of Nature, Light Energy, Wavelength of Nature.
 On the other hand, you may see those who got stuck a certain religion or any conventional idea thus far are not gonna try to get close to where can be experienced Energy even with a sudden astonishment, and those who say how dare it can be occurred, or who just accept what they got experienced, who just have some question because of Instant-Relief of Painfullness, and even those who try to continue to test it again and again, or who burst into laughter and it cannot be, it’s not, saying it and are not going to come closely there and so on. There are many types of persons appear for that. Anyway according to their consciousness or the level or degree they know, it varies to show. Understood and got to know the Energy or Love of Nature through everyday practice, you will be able to perceive the Enery of Light, then you may start to know others body a bit gradually with transmitting others energy into my body; Feel & Connect, Harmony & Balance.  After all, you may say to get Self-Acquirement which will be given from Nature depends on Karma which will be marked by good deeds through daily life that bring an individual to the state of mind liberation; Kong, or Nothingness, so I would say whatever you do all depend on your mind with ceaseless all out endeavors during lifetime. Self-Acquirement with Beam-Fingers and Eye-Fingers will be lead and implemented Immediate-Healing Practice. It takes long time even though you get it because you need to get a great deal of experiences case by case.  – Harmony and Balance of Light Energy, Enlightenment

4. No perfection in human life

Human being is originally created with infirmity, thus, we have a  responsibility to mature and develop ourselves for the purpose of Spiritual Growth through human infirmity, for which human body as a machine given from Nature will be used as a tool to do it. We need to constantly get close to the reality of our life with human infirmity. So we have to seek for our cultivation to grow our spirit. Whatever we do, there is no perfection in life. The principle of Immediate-Healing System is too simple, so in spite of saying as it is with ease, most of people are not going to listen carefully, on the contrary, if it is said to be a bit profound or a bit mysterious, they cannot understand it. Human being have to make ceaseless endeavour because of firmity given at birth to find right path by Correct Practice for better life. Human body as a machine is created like that. The principle, law and truth of nature is not complicate which is simple and succinct. 

5. Principle of Healing through Kimu Training  – revealed first time in the 21C

For all I try to stress to say that the principle of healing has a direct connection with skills and its philosophy of martial arts training, most of people are just apt to ignore. I published Five series books of Right Way for Cultivation, Korean version, to let all readers and trainees understand easier and clearer, and two books of English version was also done. For starting to study healing system, you should be able to experience and realize how to move human body automatically first. It never be able to start  studying until you cannot achieve Self-Acquirement, in which can let others be good and help based on the principle of healing.  – Self-Magnetization, Kimu-Body, 기무체 (汽武體=>汽無體) 

6. Spiritual Growth 

Not to get stuck into the general pattern obsessed from religion or something unrealistic, illogical, impractical, you should be faithful to your present duty or job which have to be done, or for needed things to get and so on. Especially, if you can have even some interest with a certain political idea or line, you can get your reasonable and adequate choice or decision in the principle of nature whether it is right or bad for the people, and it means, as we practice the principle, law and truth of nature, we are not  to be foolish – Rule of Law, Rationalism, Individualism, Meritocracy

It makes you physically and mentally, even economically relax and do well-to-do, and also it does not let you waste money and energy in vain, even develops the ability to manage yourself, and eventually changes  consciousness, until the end, as long as my body as a machine works properly. I am going to say what to do, that is to say, all things you do and follow by the principle of Nature is to contribute to Spiritual Growth for your next life. So finally you can understand the ultimate goal of human life is Spiritual Growth. Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu teaches it how to get it for both better training and better life.

Healing experience at Carla Kuster’s acupuncture practice
 7.  All things in heaven and earth is under one principle; Love

Appearance, Changes, and Disappearance of the Principle, Law and Truth of nature in the universe since human history, with that all things in heaven and earth are working the same under one principle. I would like kindly to let all readers understand the principle of Immediate-Body Healing through Light Wavelength which is the Love of Nature.

A lot of explanations and expressions with various diagrams were given for better understanding even by many metaphors into the Five series books of “The Right Path for Practice”, but whatever I say, how to learn and teach is most crucial point. It is also possible through understanding and learning “Energy Flow” through martial arts training, especially with sharpen swords.
It also can be recognized and grasped into the honing of  Vipassana-Acupuncture Practice with repeated experience by the wavelength of energy. But, finally, once you get to know it fortunately, needle or whatever tool you use, whether you do it with your bare hands or just with your mind, you may be able to understand that “Love” becomes the fundamental thing, which is a core for Immediate-Healing.

You may be able to come to understand that Love as a driving force of life will be the Way, the Truth and the Life, in addition, that’s also said as the Alpha, the Omega while living we usually say it in general.
At the end, you might be grasp any tools will be the same for implementing the Immediate-Body Healing whatever you end up with under one principle in the universe.

8. Practice of Vipssana-Acupuncture honing through the Wavelength of Love; forming a Trinity

Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu teaches it through Kimu Training, so the trainees have to be able to first let your body have Self-Acquirement; Kimu-Body, which is the basis of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu training I first created modern times in the 21C as well as Kimu-Body will let you create Beam-Fingers and Eye-fingers for healing practice as much as you can.

Regardless of age and sex, it can be easily learned and enjoyed for both in martial arts training and in life because it is very simple and uncomplicated. but it takes time for sure. You have no choice but to experience the relationship between mind-set in daily life and Kimu Practice through Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu training.

The similar resources to the Immediate-Effect of the Light-Energy of the Wavelength can be often found among lots of Buddhist scriptures and even into the Bible expressed in various ways.

As I have already explained it through two books of English version,” Think Out Of The Box” and “Searching For The Forgotten Half in Martial Arts”, and also Five series books for the right path of Correct Practice, Korean version, if you could understand the contents of those books illustrated the principle, the law and the truth of Nature, you may get to know and confirm‎‎ there are nothing any mysterious or confused about it.
As be earlier mentioned so often, all things in heaven and earth including human body as a machine are under one principle, as well as human can not know things not to be seen, but in order to get to know and understand it, trying to do your best constantly to seek for, and finding truly a right path is to get to notice “Correct Practice” while living. Here, you should know why you have to live like that, it is because of letting us create be well-off and improve the quality of life. After all, it will make Spiritual Growth which is a ultimate purpose of human life.
If anyone who want to find a right path in life, without Self-Acquirement, it is impossible to get a correct practice during your lifetime because it is a pathfinder, or Guide, or Light as an essential prerequisite to accumulate Love as a driving force of life. There is the Practice of Vipassana-Acupuncture honing through the Wavelength of Love given from Nature. For its Correct Practice, without going through repeated experiences with the body and mind, it is impossible to reach the reality of Energy Flow; form a Trinity.


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Author: Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong

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