Thinking out of the box is the best way for a better life

Unhappiness and meeting obstacles is most often caused by selfish behavior. But when we do our best to do something with sincerity based on much Love, our aspirations have the most chance of happening. Be sure to remember to do our best with sincere effort and passion in whatever we do in life. 

Happiness and joyfulness will be given to us naturally, if we cannot stop behaving in selfish ways, as this is not in balance with the laws of nature. 

Greed, jealousy, anger and other ego driven, negative emotional states, will only ultimately cause us ill health and unhappiness. So make sure to think outside box. With correct thought and behavior, everything we need will be provided to us, as the principle of nature is always fair in the universe. 

Through great and utmost endeavor, we can be filled with and given all things needed by us, relating to the degree of our sincerity and continuous effort. We can say it is just a principle of the Nature, and the best way for better life. As we train and research Haedong Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu mentally and physically, I am sure all members in Haedong Kumdo family will come to understand and realize that our study of Haedong JSKR in life, is advancing forward continuously, little by little, naturally beyond previous limitations.


🟠 In het paasweekend van 7 – 10 april organiseren we diverse workshops met Master Kim. Bekijk hier het complete programma: Dutch workshops 2023 – Happy Easter edition – Dutch Haedong Kumdo Association

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Information on this page is an excerpt of the book Think out of the Box – through the training of Haedong Kumdo – volume 1 – and is published with courtesy of the author Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong. For orders of volume 1 & 2 you can reach us at

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