A gift given from Nature – Moxa and Needle (뜸과 침) – part 2

In English and Korean (한국어 및 영어), the below contents is the excerpt from “Searching for the Forgotten Half in Martial Arts” – English version and “The Right Way for Correct Practice “ – Korean version.

p164 – Searching for the forgotten half in Martial Arts

Energy (Love, Wavelength) of Nature (Bul, the Father, the Lover); invisible, and the Manifestation of that Energy (Bup, the Holy Spirit, the Love) into my body (Sung, the Son, the beloved).

We can understand the three kinds of things under one nature; Creation, Changes, Extinction, namely, Energy appears and makes changes, then disappears; breathing is the same under one principle.
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If the connecting line of energy aligns with problematic organ or painful place, you can stimulate that point of the skin, and even draw a dot or a circle to mark on it. Any kinds of tools are helpful when you know it well enough. So simple, you can do it as your mind goes. Here, an essential part is to follow the energy, that is, adapt well to nature.

It’s the very Practice of “Vipassana-Acupuncture” (신침 수행, Sinchim Suhaeng).that carries put a Promise between Nature (God) and Man. …….

Through the principle, the law and the truth of nature, the ‘the Practice of Vipassana -Acupuncture’ can be viewed as a Practice with “a Miniature Version of the Universe”

p165 – Searching for the forgotten half in Martial Arts
p166 – Searching for the forgotten half in Martial Arts
p167 – Searching for the forgotten half in Martial Arts

Author: Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong

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