A gift given from Nature – Moxa and Needle (뜸과 침) – part 1

The Principle of Martial Arts and Healing Come from the Same Root. When you can perceive where the energy moves and what the energy is in the body, then you may get to understand and try to do it; Self-Acquirement

Here today let me explain only Moxa in brief as follows;
Moxa Position – no.1, no.2 and no.3

Three or four moxas will be put on positions above drawn. How to put it: 

1. Find the position of first one below the navel which needs to be felt or be able to see that point (or spot) taken.
2. Next one will be found above navel which must be connected the energy with the one below.
3. Look at downside at the left leg. Find which side of right or left on the leg at the above drawing will be able to connected with the energy of two moxas on the belly
4. When you can find that position of no.3, then you put it on there,
5. Bear in mind you should confirm‎‎ again if all moxas will be in perfect alignment in energy on one line.

What we are doing above is to make harmony and balance in energy in the body in order to flow energy properly which is the essence for healing. Whatever we use any kinds of tool or only with hands like needle, moxa etc, the factor we should know basically how to put it is the same.
For example: hitting a certain part or rubbing, or pushing and so on are all trying to make energy be harmony and balance in the body, then back to the normal condition. It is not always perfect because of being done by human mind, for it, most important thing is to do our best to get close to a perfection. 

It is a principle, law and truth of Nature which can be learned with swords training and Kimu through Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo because the foundamental essence is the same as swords training.
I have tried to explain it simply through how to put moxas on the belly.

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Author: Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong

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