Exploring the Fundamental Principles and Applying Them to Martial Arts Training Through JSKR

Teaching Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu as a founder around the world means that I can understand the basics of martial arts practice, rather than having exceptional martial arts skills or tremendous swordsmanship techniques. It also means understanding that the principles governing the world are the same. 

In other words, understanding the basics does not refer to the general basics of learning each martial art, but rather understanding “the essence or reality of those basics,” “the movements of those basics,” and “the manifestation of those basics” as three axiom according to the principles of nature.
Because the roots of all martial arts are embedded in those basics, Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu emerged from there. This also applies to the roots of all religions and philosophies, so understanding this is essential. Therefore, human’s ignorance leads to confusion and mystification, wasting time and energy on things that are unnecessary. This is why humans must study constantly. I would say sometimes, “Ignorance is Bliss”.
There is a saying, “As above, so below.” This means that what happens in the sky also happens on the ground. In other words, all things are interconnected, and the laws of the universe apply equally on earth. Therefore, individuals must also follow these principles.
In short, because all things are under one principle, understanding and acquiring the essence or reality that moves it will reveal the true and false of everything one has known, allowing one to live peacefully and abundantly until the end of one’s life. However, understanding the basics does not mean acquiring special abilities or mysterious and exceptional techniques. Instead, it means returning to a very ordinary life and living healthily and happily.
Throughout human history, a tiny elite group has utilized the essence or substance of these basics to oppress and rule over ignorant people, or to maintain the power of a few privileged groups. Religion and philosophy have also been utilized to idolize or empower a select few, according to their needs.
In particular, I teach the basic principles of movement through the flow of energy in Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu, the fundamentals of sword techniques, and the principles of healing associated with them. Through these teachings, individuals can reflect on themselves, understand everything that collides with them, and learn more about the world during their lifetime.
The above explanations ultimately convey the true meaning of martial arts, which is to understand and teach it. It also means that one must study and learn continuously until the end. It is also the teaching that our ancient Korean ancestors practiced thousands of years ago.
Martial arts includes physical and mental training techniques, practical application through the flow of energy, martial arts philosophy through contemplation, and it is inevitably connected to healing. Because everything is connected as one, there is no escaping its natural course.

Otherwise, it must be lacking or incorrect, and one can always start again.

Therefore, it is truly important to find a good instructor in martial arts training. Anyway, while preparing for the Netherlands event scheduled for early April, I took a moment to jot down some thoughts on the concept of “basics” in martial arts training.

Have a great day and can’t wait to see all of you at the Netherlands event in 2023!

“As above, so below” is a phrase that means the upper and lower worlds are interconnected. This implies that the microcosm and macrocosm are interlinked – what happens in the small world is reflected in the larger world, and what happens in the larger world affects the smaller world. For example, biological reactions that occur inside the human body can affect the ecosystem on Earth or the movement of the universe. Therefore, this phrase suggests that everything is interconnected from small to large, and that everything operates in harmony like a single organism.

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