Energy Flow: An Essential Prerequisite in the Martial Arts

Energy Flow, which will be seen by some people, but mostly can be felt it. It is possible for anyone with endurance with earnest endeavors to do it even if no idea of feeling such energy right now.

As we are getting to know it deeply and broadly on posture and movements, breathing and mind control in training, the very fundamental essence of all in martial arts training, meditation, breathing system, even to the any kinds of philosophy or religion groups and so on in all things in heaven and earth will be shown up and accumulated at a certain moment through your body.

How dare can I say so straightly and proudly? For it is the one truth which is not my thought; the Principle of Nature as an immutable fact.

Why do we have to do like that as be shown at the below video? If you do not do it, you never understand the fundamental core, which is Energy Flow.

When you get to understand the Energy Flow in your body, then you can correct your movements in martial arts training. It does not say and matter with any kinds of Federations or associations’ unique skills. It is to try to do by the principle of body movements with weapons.

As you are getting to understand deepen and widen, you may be able to know the training of martial arts have a direct connection with healing system.

If you still did not find it into the your martial arts history, you may start to do it in your training right now, which is “Essential Prerequisite” in the beginning stage of training; Self-Acquirement through the countless repeated training of Energy Flow in the body. Do not ignore and miss it in your training.

1. How to draw and sheath a sword – Try to let a sword follow your body. Your body will follow your mind. Then, more natural and soft, but you can use it swiftly and strongly according to situations.

2. How to do front cut (or straight cut) – Just try to up and down your sword by following your body, then you can do it naturally and efficiently with fixing its angle properly with saving more energy.



Kimu training helps trainees recognize Energy Flow where it goes and how it works in the body, from which all two swords system and healing method come. Martial Arts Training must have 3 kinds of parts for developing Body and Mind based on Spirit; skills, philosophy and healing under one principle.

Relax and feel Energy,
Connect with Nature,
Harmony and balance into the light,

which are very practical for advanced training and even let us get lots of fun for more stimulation and motivation to move forward to the last destination while living.


Source: https://m.cafe.daum.net/enlightenment-k/dcM5/210?svc=cafeapp

Author: Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong


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