What is the Way (Path) of Sword?

Martial arts practitioners often talk about the way of the sword or the path of martial arts, discussing sword techniques and physical training,  but they also frequently apply it to mental training and connecting to the spiritual world. 

Earlier today, someone on Facebook talked about the techniques of swordplay during an overseas seminar, trying to sound more knowledgeable by mixing English into the conversation.  Some describe martial arts practice as a way to escape reality 

and reach a profound and mysterious understanding through physical exertion. While the above story is not wrong, if you can understand the “basics by the principle of nature” more clearly, it can be an opportunity to further develop yourself. Based on my experience and thoughts, I will briefly explain it as follows. 

“The Way of the Sword (검의 길)” refers to the path of practice (무예의 길), which leads to the realization of the essence of “the sword of the mind (심검,心劍)”.
The path of practice ultimately involves understanding the principles behind the movement of this world, as well as recognizing its substance. This leads to proper guidance of human life and a change in values and consciousness, ultimately resulting in an improvement in the quality of life.
When we refer to the principles behind the movement of the world, we are not speaking of something grand or profound. Rather, we are referring to “the basic principles” that govern the movement of all things, and their reality. We are speaking of the flow and reality of the energy that moves all things. Therefore, the fundamental basis of martial arts training is the “flow of energy”.

When one is able to follow the natural flow of energy, they become aware of its reality and substance through the body and mind, leading to awakening.

Through martial arts training, one can also gain an understanding of the philosophy and healing principles behind it, ultimately realizing the ultimate goal of human life.
In other words, the “Way of the Sword” through martial arts training involves understanding the flow of energy and how it works, which becomes the fundamental. The “Way of the Sword” means to naturally move within the flow of energy through sword training and to realize the principles behind it, ultimately leading to the mastery of sword techniques, also known as “Swordsmanship”. Therefore, the “Way of the Sword” refers to the path of practice, which becomes a means to reach the ultimate goal of human life, “Love”.
In the Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo, the first in the 21st century to teach the practice of both sword and swordsmanship for its acquirements worldwide.
In sword training, the sword is nothing more than a tool. In the end, through sword training, one must realize the sword of the mind, become aware of the flow of energy through the sword, and thus be able to continue training as a form of healing. Ultimately, the most important point is “the human mind”

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